The Maturity Institute provides a unique, evidence based approach to organizational health and the creation of whole, human system, ‘Total Stakeholder Value’. Our new, revolutionary approach to organizational health has developed global standards for organizational leadership and management practice, and our OM30 diagnostic instrument enables measurement and improvement of Total Stakeholder Value (TSV).  TSV generated by organisations is measured through ratings on OMINDEX: a comparative scale from D to AAA. Our work is multi-disciplinary and uses a whole system, human value, framework, aiming to adopt the same level of evidence-based decision making to be found within the medical profession for human health. 

We are delighted that our new text, The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism is now available via this link.

“This book offers a valuable road map through which we can all work to evolve our market structures to deliver widespread benefit. It is time to stop merely bemoaning our growing political and social divisions. Time to start the process of repair and of building political economies that drive progress towards shared and sustainable prosperity. This book is essential reading for anyone wishing to embark on that journey.”