The Maturity Institute (MI) is the professional, interdisciplinary institution for the promotion of a socio-economic system that serves all stakeholders.

Our aims:

  1. To help create the most responsible form of capitalism for Planet, People, Value
  2. To research and teach Whole System Management (WSM) measured as Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) 
  3. To pursue Never-Ending Improvements in TSV
  4. To develop, measure and monitor mature leadership and management standards through Organisational Maturity analysis
  5. To bring together all professional disciplines through WSM and integrated reporting

We are delighted that our new text, The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism is now available in paperback via this link.

“…the book also provides business leaders with a practical roadmap for building human powered organisations; where all stakeholders are viewed and managed as a fundamental source of sustainable value. In this respect, The Mature Corporation fits perfectly with increasing societal and regulatory demands to integrate ESG into business strategy and for corporations to realign themselves such that they are able serve and benefit all their stakeholders.”