Our Purpose

Our Purpose

The Maturity Institute (MI) is a professional body whose purpose is to help create good governance and healthy organizations that generate the most societal value and greatest returns possible from the world’s human capital. We define societal value, unequivocally, in terms of Outputs, Cost, Revenue and Quality (OCRQ) and measure it using the composite of Total Stakeholder Value (TSV), which specifically incorporates any organizational costs relating to undue, external harm.

To create TSV, we have developed a revolutionary approach to raising the level of professionalism in organizational leadership and management practice. To date, there have been no universal, professional standards set for corporate governance, organizational health and culture that can guide leaders, executives and general management to operate from an evidence- base that is analogous to the highest standards of the medical profession. TSV is part of a suite of MI’s global standards that are filling this gap.

It is self-evident that a corporation cannot maximize its own value if it does not endeavour, strategically, to maximise the value of every single person in it or connected with it. This is the premise on which our Organizational Maturity Ratings (OMR) scale is founded and against which organizations are assessed. Furthermore, we recognize that we cannot set meaningful, practical standards unless we offer the means by which they can be measured and improved. This is why we developed our global Organizational Maturity Index (OMINDEX), based on the OMRs of each organization.

The OMR rating process is based on a set of questions, the OM30©, which covers all key components of value creation e.g. corporate purpose, values, principles, governance, strategy and operational effectiveness. OM30© has intrinsic value for boards and executives in understanding whole system value creation as it produces a complete picture that explicitly and causally links organizational health to material value and risk. MI’s aim is for the OM30© to become integral to company auditing and reporting; either as part of a Form 10K, annual report or similar format.

In setting new standards, we carry out projects to analyse how specific sectors are performing. Our Banking Governance & Conduct Project is the most significant to date.

We plan similar projects for all of the other main sectors of the corporate world and we are actively engaging with organizations that need help with reconciling their financial goals, and shareholder demands, with the legitimate concerns of society around governance and culture. We welcome confidential enquiries from any individual or organization wishing to explore what opportunities can be gained from embarking on a journey of personal, professional and organizational maturity.