HR is only as valuable as the CEO’s maturity level – and vice versa


The Maturity Institute uses a combination of two scales to assess total, organizational maturity. The original, ‘HR maturity’ scale focuses on the maturity of the CHRO and the function they run.  The OMR scale links the value of the organization directly to its maturity level. In effect, an OMR rating is, first and foremost, a rating of the personal maturity level of the CEO. One dimension that needs to be considered, therefore, is the relationship between the CEO and the CHRO.  This is represented very simply by the CEO/HR, Maturity/Value Matrix shown here.

  • In the top left quadrant the CEO is frustrated by immature HR failing to replace ‘best practice’ with high value, evidence-based, professionalism.
  • In the bottom right quadrant it is the CEO who is immature – blocking mature HR thinking and practice – resulting in the same, low value.
  • In the bottom left, immature CEOs attract CHROs who are complicit in not pursuing high value, human capital policies and practices.
  • The only high value box is top right – total understanding between a mature CEO and mature CHRO producing effective human governance and high value utilisation of all human capital.

©Paul Kearns 2016

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