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The Maturity Institute develops collaborations to carry out research into our management discipline that both furthers knowledge and can also be applied in practice. Below are projects and programs that have either commenced or at the proposal stage. If you would like more information or would like to partner with us on any of our research activities please contact


LWPBannerOct18Maturity Institute, Harvard Law School and OMS LLP to rate S&P500 on Human Governance

We recently commenced the pilot study for our collaborative research project with the Pensions and Capital Stewardship Project within the Labor and Worklife Program at Harvard Law School. Funding is still being sought from interested parties to facilitate completion of the initial project proposal and a full copy of the proposed research program is available upon request from either Paul Kearns at; or Larry Beeferman at


32-questions-a-ceo-should-askMaturity Institute and OMS LLP to produce comprehensive report into Governance & Culture within the Global Banking sector

MI has been asked to consider how to examine the question of the banking sector’s response to external and internal efforts to encourage and regulate for improved governance and more appropriate culture since the Global Financial Crisis.

Our core aims for this work are to:

  1. Analyse and rate (OMR) the top 20 worst performers in terms of misconduct costs.
  2. Identify the areas in which most value has been lost and the risks that remain inadequately assessed and unmitigated.
  3. Delineate superior and inferior governance; with a specific focus on the absence or effectiveness of human governance.
  4. Identify key governance issues that need improvement; good management practice where found; material value opportunities and critical risk areas.
  5. Offer a set of recommendations to individual banks, banking stakeholders and regulators to help, enable and facilitate governance improvements, enhanced cultural health and long-term value outcomes.

Our project proposal is available here. Please contact for more information.


ceo-remuneration‘Value & CEO Remuneration in a Mature Organization’ see announcement and  project briefing

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