The Prague Programme

The Prague Programme - Professional Development in HR and L&D


Prague Programme commences on Tuesday 21st February 2017

Please note: the Prague Programme is open to all and the working language is English.

MI, in collaboration with our Prague-based Associate, Stanislav Tichý, is establishing an annual 12 month development programme for senior HR and L&D professionals to help them to become mature practitioners with the capability to drive tangible value for their own organisation.

The Prague Programme for HR Mastery was launched at Develor’s ‘People Engine’ Conference and will commence in February 2017. develor-people-engine-logoIt will consist of participants rating human governance and the maturity of their own companies and gaining new insight into how to improve organisational value. Participants will attend two face-to-face development sessions, three exclusive webinars, and follow a series of 12, short, monthly articles explaining what maturity means for them personally and professionally. The full list of articles is shown below, beginning with an overview of the entire journey.

Participants will also gain immediate Affiliate status within the Maturity Institute and the enrollment fee includes the first 12 months of MI membership.

If you would like to participate in this programme, please contact Paul Kearns or Stanislav Tichý . More information on the Prague Programme is here.

The Prague Programme – Personal Maturity Series

A series of 12 short articles over 12 months directed at HRDs and heads of Learning & Development to raise awareness of what maturity means for your own role and your relationship with your CEO, CFO and COO.

  1. Your Personal Journey – Becoming a high value and highly valued HR Professional
  2. Why Maturity matters
  3. Purpose
  4. Value
  5. Whole system
  6. Learning organization
  7. Integrating business plans, finance and human capital
  8. Improvement
  9. Trust, Engagement, Cooperation
  10. Performance
  11. People risk
  12. What you need to do now.