Maturity connects all management disciplines

Maturity connects every management discipline with the human factor


The Maturity Institute realises that total organizational value cannot be maximised until the value of all its people is maximised. This can only be achieved when all management disciplines are totally integrated and focused on that goal. Therefore: –

Accounting –  has to move beyond traditional financial thinking to understand value creation and factor in human capital through <IR>

Audit – should expand beyond compliance to assess the whole organizational system, including maturity level, human systems and sustainability

HR – needs to move towards the human governance model, becoming a resource to ensure that human capital is core to developing strategy and creating sustained value

IT – has to start building a whole, data gathering, analysis and management information system that fully integrates human value

Legal – needs to strike the right balance between imposing corporate legal responsibility,  compliance and people risk management with encouraging a more positive and engaged attitude to human capital that understands the connection between organizational values and market value

Operational management –  must start viewing human capital as central to planning and execution within a positive and supportive human governance framework

Leadership development –  has to change so that a mature, enlightened perspective on corporate purpose and value generation inspires and engages everyone within the whole system