What did we learn from rating governance, culture and human capital management at 21 banks – read the full report here and view the slides from our latest webinar. If you would like a free recording of the session, please email stuart.woollard@omservices.org …. and what we continue to learn
Are our banks working? Have our banks improved since the global financial crisis in 2008? Do they pose less risk? If so, has this translated into higher value for investors, customers, workforces and other key stakeholders? Our free webinar will consider key lessons from The Maturity Institute’s ground-breaking, comprehensive 65-page 2017 Banking Governance and Culture […]
Our comprehensive, 65-page, 2017 global Banking Governance and Culture Report is free to read. Our Insight Series on some of the key issues arising from our analysis, including the creation of Total Stakeholder Value, can be accessed here. For more information and a free copy please contact stuart.woollard@omservices.org.
  We are delighted to announce the release of our comprehensive, 65-page, 2017 global Banking Governance and Culture Report. Our series on some of the key issues arising from our analysis can be accessed here. For more information and for details on how to purchase your copy, please click here for our information sheet or simply […]
We will shortly be announcing the publication date for our much anticipated Banking Governance & Culture report, a unique and definitive guide to the health and vitality of our banks using our groundbreaking OMINDEX ratings analysis. Our BG&C project has stimulated significant interest among the banks we have covered, their investors, and regulatory bodies. You can receive our […]
MI is proud to announce the commencement of our major, groundbreaking project to report on Governance and Culture in the Banking Sector. This will cover over 20, globally important, banking institutions. We have already used our research template to prepare a summary of our findings for JP Morgan Chase; the first bank to be rated under […]
MI’s Stuart Woollard was delighted to present at a recent Transparency Task Force symposium. Stuart explained the Maturity Institute’s OMINDEX® diagnostic ESG standard and showed ratings and analysis evidencing the capability of the major global banks to serve society and generate value for all stakeholders. Stuart’s presentation included an array of evidence showing how healthy the […]
Banking Governance & Culture Report Series: Part 4 (of 10) “Just before the crash of 2008, when S&P and other credit rating agencies, were awarding RBS a ‘AAA’, the CFO of RBS was reporting excellent profits. Yet the whole edifice of the bank had already started to crumble; ignorant of the risk that had already […]
Good corporate governance Good corporate governance is an open acknowledgement that the organization has a responsibility to humanity: that any organization is just one part of a global system and has to play its part accordingly. It is recognising that it has responsibilities outside and above its immediate financial and operational needs. Good corporate governance […]
An extract from the latest HG Briefing – how much value could active fund managers add if they understood the value of human governance?   Henderson/Janus merger begs the bigger question of maximising shareholder value?  Business Wire (a Berkshire Hathaway company) has reported a possible “shareholder rights” challenge to this proposed merger to ensure Janus’ […]
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