Gartner’s HR Score – a pointless exercise without a destination

MI Case Studies in Corporate & Organizational Maturity: No.4 Gartner

Unethical and unscrupulous commercial management and medical practice have one thing in common, they put profit before the benefit of their customers/patients. The Maturity Institute always puts human value and values first and we can very easily distinguish malpractice from mature practice using our OMINDEX® diagnostic for analysis. Let us see what this scientific method reveals about Gartner’sNMI attempt at producing an ‘HR Score’ of ‘maturity’.

Here are some tell-tale signs from their own marketing (above): –

  1. The word ‘value’ is not mentioned here (nor in their ‘Sample Report’). Without defining and providing a proven method for measuring value, all the data you see before you will, inevitably, prove to be meaningless.
  2. It is impossible to measure effectiveness by measuring activities (e.g. >95% of HR functions measure ‘training days’ and are unable to translate that number into financial value) unless they are causally linked to value outcomes. (see ‘Killing meaningless metrics marks the start for professional management’).
  3. Gartner’s Sample Report (available by application) actually only shows 8 pages from 18 (so is more accurately described as a partial extract) and uses the term ‘maturity’ 24 times without any definitive description of the term or any standard.

The official Maturity Institute standard for corporate and organizational maturity first requires mature practitioners to help their immature customers/clients to become more mature (e.g. by not wasting their time and money on measuring training days and similar HR metrics). If you are thinking of buying the sort of ‘research method’ (sic) used by GartnerNMI, a profit-driven corporation, perhaps you should first ask where this is leading?

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