HR Maturity© scaling, measurement and assessment is a whole management system method, unique to the Maturity Institute

Over the last 20 years there has been much talk about ‘HR transformation’. One term that has become synonymous with that change process is ‘HR maturity’; so much so that the Maturity Institute has already discovered numerous, large, advisory companies purporting to provide various services under the ‘HR maturity’ umbrella. If any of these companies had researched the derivation and origination of the term, before advertising their various ‘maturity’ products, they would have found it was first coined by Paul Kearns (see the full evidence trail here) and officially copyrighted in his 2002 book ‘HR Strategy: Business Focused, Individually Centred‘ as the ‘HR Maturity Scale’.

In 2012, the HR Maturity Scale became the foundation for the Institute of HR Maturity (IHRM), which has since been transformed into the Maturity Institute (MI); the only professional management development institution that sets global management standards and measures organizations against these standards along its three, combined management scales (HR Maturity, Learning Maturity and Organizational Maturity) under the copyright/trademarked name of OMINDEX® and fully explained in our book ‘The Mature Corporation: A Model of Responsible Capitalism’ (co-authored by Paul Kearns & Stuart Woollard) as the global standard for developing corporate management systems. It clearly demonstrates how to combine the scientific method with measures of company value (and valuation) to determine what stage of maturity any organization has reached.

If any of the companies selling ‘maturity’ products wishes to work to MI standards we are willing to explore that possibility constructively. If not, we bring our policy on misuse and abuse of our standards into play and are currently engaged directly with many of the companies concerned.

It is worth noting that each of these companies has produced their own narrative around their particular ‘maturity’ products. This is what would have happened to the medical profession if there were no agreement on common measurement methods and standards. Organizational maturity is a measure of the health of the whole management system and demands that the same health checks/measures are used by all practitioners. This is why the Maturity Institute was established; to ensure that the ‘transformation’ market only contains the genuine article.