Organizational Maturity: an introduction for Boards, Excos and Investors

Organizational Maturity: an introduction

What is maturity? Essentially, maturity is a realisation that all value comes through people and human governance is about maximizing the value of all of people connected to the organization including, for example, its supply chain. The language of maturity enables consistent and convincing communication about the ‘hard’ financial value of the most important intangibles – people and corporate culture.

Maturity analysis is a new perspective, designed to address a specific gap within traditional economic and financial analysis. As Robert Armstrong, a senior economics correspondent at the Financial Times, says in his recent piece on the VW emissions scandal:
“… I will confess I understand little about how corporate cultures work or how to improve them….I think I understand money pretty well; culture puzzles me. But culture is there and it matters. And if we ignore it, there will be more dieselgates in the future.”

See here for our introduction to People & Culture for Boards, Excos and Investors and watch Stuart Woollard’s keynote presentation below: