Dr. Carlos Botelho

MI Associate Dr. Carlos Botelho

Carlos worked for nearly 20 years in HRM at a large technological company. Since 2012 his professional activity combines teaching Strategic HRM and several HRM disciplines at Lisbon University with participation in organizational consulting projects. In addition, Carlos puts a lot of his focus into conducting research with real people in real organizations. Carlos has a PhD in Management/ HRM and Organization Development.

Carlos still reflects on the first time he came into contact with the MI concept, model and assessment: the key aspect that captured his attention then, and still does today, is the idea of delving into the people system from an integrated and systemic perspective. He is a strong believer that there is a long journey ahead of us all if we are to understand the underlying mechanisms of people management systems and how they benefit employees, companies and society in a sustainable manner. He hopes that the HR function can play an essential role in this but his research continues regardless. He is currently working on a project to validate a questionnaire assessment of the MI framework with a group of organizations in Portugal.


Carlos can be contacted at cbotelho@iscsp.ulisboa.pt