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Module 1 Purpose-Led Value

The Maturity Institute’s new module: Purpose-Led Value provides an introduction to how an organisation can unleash the power of purpose and help better navigate the emerging ESG and stakeholder value paradigm. By focusing on the Maturity Institute’s holistic form of ‘Value’, it uses practical examples and exercises, as well as lessons from exemplar firms (including Handelsbanken, Toyota and Mercadona). These show how companies can become truly ‘purpose’ driven; driving material intrinsic and measurable Total Stakeholder Value through its whole, human system of workers, suppliers, customers and communities.  

“I completed the Purpose Led Value training at The Maturity Institute and loved the way ‘Purpose’ was made tangible. A lot of organisations are proud of their ‘Purpose’ and this module helped me understand how to turn ‘a statement’ into concrete action and true value creation. [This course] was thought-provoking and I cannot wait to continue my learning!”

“I was really taken with MI’s definition of purpose and the way MI has explicitly brought value and commercial success into that definition. Something I personally have shied away from in the past but see the merit in doing so, as per the videos in the course.”

In development:

Module 2 – Organisational Maturity: Connecting Purpose and Performance through People. 

Module 3 – Assessing, Measuring, and Measuring Human Risk 

Module 4 – Developing a Mature Performance [Value] Management System

Module 5 – How Should Companies Report on Human Capital 

Module 6 – Becoming an OMINDEX® analyst

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