Karen Ward picI have over twenty five years of experience working in a range of organisational contexts – private; public & charitable sectors across the world. I have had the good fortunate to work with many inspiring colleagues along the way: corporate citizens; consulting practitioners and academic faculty and I have learned much about what makes work a joy. Yet I also notice that many workplaces are not places where potential thrives. Individuals are not able to be the best version of themselves and unspoken fear and anxiety are the dominant emotions, which leaves us all less than we could be. I see the cost of this to individuals, organisations and ultimately, to societies.

I have set up Aditi Unlimited to create an opportunity for the curious and courageous to explore what it means to build effective organisations in the early 21st century.

How do we honour and hospice what has come before, but no longer serves us? How do we pioneer and nurture what needs to be born and grow?

We are conducting action research into topics of mutual interest with a view to creating learning communities which are focused on clear outcomes – what actually works in practice?