Nick Ford currently serves as a Practice Group Director (PGD) with the US law firm of Clark Hill, headquartered in Detroit MI.

The PGD position is a COO position that leads various legal practice groups and is responsible for the performance of the practice group within the firm. The position may be filled by business leaders or by former practicing lawyers.

Formerly, Nick was a Senior Vice President with RGIS, a supplier of inventory counting (Stock Taking) services to retail and non-retail customers. Nick spent 30 years in the industry in various management positions including President of Europe and President of Canada for RGIS and President of Western Inventory Services. Nick was also President of Intercontinental Warehouses, a Toronto based logistics and warehousing company, and has entrepreneurial experience running his own logistics and consulting firm – RePack.

While at RGIS, Nick was responsible for 400,000 annual events and over 17,000 employees.

Nick holds a B.Sc. from McGill University in Montreal. Nick and his wife Sandra live in Detroit, MI. Their 4 children are in Canada.