Stanislav Tichy - DEVELOR CZ (2)I’m the Managing Director of DEVELOR Czech. DEVELOR is a well-established and fast growing knowledge network in the EMEA region.

I am privileged to become an Associate of the Maturity Institute because I believe that increasing the extent to which an organisation realizes its human potential has extraordinary potential for value creation and for long-term organizational and business success. Being part of the Institute gives me a unique chance to learn the bigger game of organizational learning and how it links with human capital utilisation to foster the growth of my own business and the business of my clients.

Applied learning has for thousands of years been one of the main driving forces of humankind. How come then that the organizational learning and development of today frequently delivers such low value? Can it be changed? Generating business or organizational value through human capital and learning and development is part of my personal mission. I’m looking forward to cooperating with anyone who chooses to head in the same direction as the Maturity Institute.

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