The Maturity Institute (MI)was established in 2012 as a new, multi-disciplinary professional development institution to help all enterprises address their changing, global, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) responsibilities. MI’s purpose is to maximise the creation of Total Stakeholder Value (TSV), which incorporates both company performance and societal value. We welcome all professions as practising members; including investment professionals, board members, senior executives and managers. MI integrates all management disciplines into a single, coherent, organizational system under a common purpose of TSV. Our OMINDEX® diagnostic ESG standard is increasingly used by investors, as a key ESG measure, and by corporates as a Total Value Management system. 

We aim to achieve widespread acceptance, recognition and utilisation of MI’s approach and global standards as critical diagnostics and leading indicators of long term organisational health and societal benefit – with investors, boards, regulators, academics and related stakeholders.

MI has a professional membership, all of whom have undertaken formal training, and operate under the quality assurance of MI, agreeing to adhere to, and abide by, our professional standards. It brings together expertise from an array of backgrounds such as accounting, finance, economic, legal, human capital and general management; all working to consistent standards. Organisational maturity is now taught as part of executive education and MBA programmes with much deeper insight into the nature of an organisation; going beyond the constraints and limitations of conventional financial and economic theory.

MI’s core text, ‘The Mature Corporation – A Model of Responsible Capitalism’ is available from Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

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