Helena Wennberg picHelena Wennberg is an international HR professional who now joins the team of MI associates, following several years of informal involvement with the Maturity Institute and its founders. She has extensive experience both from in-house HR Specialist and external advisory roles related to human capital management strategies. Risk management has been central to her work regarding talent mobility management. Helena actively works to ensure that the concept of Human Governance is introduced to the organizations that she supports. Since 2015 she works with strategic management consulting projects for the Swedish management consulting firm Adducam AB.

Helena has completed a M.A. in Intercultural Relations at Lesley University, USA, as well as a Master of Social Science in Business Administration at Lund University, Sweden. She also holds a number of specialized professional designations regarding strategic talent management (sHRBP, HCS, GMS-T). Personal contact details: helena.wennberg@adducam.com