Our Story

In 2012, our founders set out to help firms realise the latent value contained within untapped human potential. They chose to establish a not-for-profit, professional institute that embedded the scientific method and the very best evidence-based practice. Today, Organisational Maturity is a growing discipline of ‘management medicine’, helping business and investment professionals to assess, analyse and develop insights that drive value which benefits all societal stakeholders. 

Our Ten Pillars

Organisational Maturity Diagnostics

Total Stakeholder Value

School of Management Medicine

Getting started

Organisational Maturity is a big subject so we have made learning about it simple and easy. Here are three ways you can get started.  

Introductory workshops

Our two introductory workshops on “Purpose-Led Value” and “Organisational Maturity – Connecting Purpose, People and Performance” are designed to explain our stakeholder value paradigm and how a firm’s whole human system drives quantifiable success. 

OMINDEX Workforce

This diagnostic is designed to assess and analyse workforce perspectives of an organisation’s maturity, testing 18-factors across seven organisational health indicators. 

You can try the 10-minute OMINDEX Workforce survey for free and receive an instant summery report on your own organisation’s Maturity. 

The Mature Corporation

Our core text book is The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism. You can order it directly from the publishers via the link below

What our partners say

“We are delighted that the Maturity Institute and its OMINDEX diagnostic standard have become supporters of the Impact Investing Principles for pensions, which provide support to pension funds on impact investing.”

Charlotte O’Leary

CEO, Pensions For Purpose

“This confirms the hypothesis that the benefits to shareholders and stakeholders are not mutually exclusive; in other words, the value to business, shareholders, stakeholder and society, are aligned. A company can maximise profits and create wealth for shareholders mainly by establishing a mature institution that enhances wellbeing for all legitimate stakeholders as well as create positive externalities to the environment and wider society.”

“The Maturity Institute are pioneers and have written an amazing book, which deserves to widely read and implemented.”

Professor Atul Shah

City University

“In making practical the concept of Total Stakeholder Value, the Maturity Institute offers a whole system perspective as to how business can be changed to benefit us all.”  

Dr Joe Zammit-Lucia


“Our work with the Maturity Institute has helped us to develop our DNA Diagnostic and is amongst the most meaningful work we do at Lex Solutions. We have significantly improved the way we support law firms who want to put ESG at the top of their agenda.”

Manu Kanwar

Founder, Lex Solutions


Professor Carlos Botelho

Associate Member, Research 

Faith Jenner

Council Member

Paul Kearns

Council Member

Karen Pelham

Council Member

Stanislav Tichy

Associate Member, Learning

Stuart Woollard

Council Member

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