Organisational Maturity is assessed and rated using the MI OMINDEX standard, a unique, whole system diagnostic instrument that has been used by companies, investment and advisory firms, and academics; to show how the ‘intangibles’ of governance, culture, human capital, and management systems link to value creation and risk management.

As an in-house analyst or specialist adviser, the OMINDEX diagnostic is open source and specifically allows you to:

  • Develop new in-house capability in corporate or investment contexts linking responsibility to performance and sustainability.
  • Develop strategy and design internal operations to enhance value and manage risk.
  • Build deeper internal or external relationships across multiple stakeholders.

Your investment

We run specific programmes, together with OMS LLP for corporate executives, investment analysts and for risk managers.

At MI we will help you to build internal functional capability to assess Organisational Maturity and set strategic roadmaps for value improvement and better risk management. We also provide a wide network of professionals for you to engage with.

If you are interested in finding out more about becoming an Organisational Maturity analyst please contact