Human technologyGod bless Google.  I never thought I would hear myself saying that but everyday I switch my Smartphone on I am in awe of its capabilities and the Android operating system that makes it all happen. I still get the same feeling every time I fly – how does such a large piece of machinery, with hundreds of passengers, manage to lift off? I guess if I understood the technology in more detail it would all make perfect sense: after all, it’s not magic – is it?

Something else that makes perfect sense is IHRM’s maturity operating system – ARC©. The difference between mature and immature organizations is the same as the difference between a Smartphone and an old, ordinary cell phone. Try using any apps on the old version.  That is why we developed ARC©: the sort of apps that HR has produced over the last 30 years or so just don’t work in an immature organizational context.  Take the app quaintly referred to as ‘360’ (that’s feedback to you and me): the concept of honest and constructive feedback is a truly wonderful idea but producing an app to make it happen, without first installing a mature, organizational operating system, means the app just won’t work.

Even more interesting are the other similarities between Android and ARC©.  First, Google may have helped Android to become the established leader in Smartphone operating systems but it did not invent it.  The original developers of the system, Android Inc., used a Linux-based operating system, which is open source, just as ARC© is an open source, management operating system made available by IHRM.  We know there will be many more refinements and further developments in the future but we believe the best way to produce apps that work in practice is to have our members test them in the reality of the workplace, not in cyberspace.

Organizational maturity is a very complex piece of human technology but it is not magic.  If you want to understand it in detail then you can come on a short, 2-day, IHRM Orientation programme (coming very soon).  Just get in touch* and we will help your HR management thinking really take off: we think you will be in awe of just what it can do. God bless IHRM.

*If you wish to enrol on one of our IHRM Orientation ‘Boot Camps’ you can email us now.






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