nick-fordMI is very pleased to announce the latest addition to our growing band of Associates with senior level operational and general management experience – Nick Ford whose main reasons for joining stem from his view that: –

“If executives speak of human capital it is at best a neat phrase inserted into a shareholder document or perhaps an employee handbook. The Maturity Institute (MI) has been working seriously to take the concept from the pages of theory to the realities of the shop floor. How do we improve performance in a sustainable manner that benefits customers, employees and the company? How do we compete for the best people? How do we make the company an employer of choice rather than an exploiter? How does a company get ahead of the innovation curve?

I think MI has answers that makes sense, are proven and continue to offer sustainable advantages.”

Nick has already started to make a significant contribution to the development of MI’s maturity model, especially how to integrate maturity with operations management and we look forward to a very long and fruitful association.



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