OMINDEX® Workforce: Connecting Purpose, Values and Performance

Our new diagnostic assesses employee experiences of organizational maturity, social responsibility and stakeholder value

The Maturity Institute has been helping organisations to score and rate maturity levels (marrying social responsibility and performance) since we made OMINDEX® our global diagnostic standard in 2015. Comprising 32 searching questions, it has helped investors, companies and academics to get much better insights into management behaviours.

We probably know better than anyone else, how difficult it is to engage Boards and CEOs in critical self-reflection about the pressures they impose on their workforces. Particularly when they set performance goals that can conflict with the best of human values. We also recognise corporate tendencies to create perceptions of environmental and social responsibility, while their employees know the reality. The growth of “Greenwashing” has become all too pervasive.

This is why MI has decided to approach workforces direct, to hear your views on how responsible your employer really is. To find out to what extent you contribute to the creation of societal value; where financial return comes from true generating stakeholder value and not at the expense of environmental or social harm.

We have recently launched our OMINDEX® Workforce survey. Comprising 18 questions, it captures workforce perspectives on their own organization’s maturity. It does so by using a core set of factors and questions from our full OMINDEX® diagnostic.

OMINDEX® Workforce is free to complete and takes only 10-minutes. Participants receive an immediate report. This summary provides instant insight into their employer’s maturity. 

The generic link to the survey is:

We use the anonymous data from OMINDEX® Workforce to examine company and sector level maturity. The data allows us to assess critical ESG issues of interest. These include worker perspectives on purpose, values, learning and contribution to business value. We also consider human capital risks. 

These insights are valuable to key stakeholders: investors, researchers, regulators and policy makers. For example, how trust, authenticity and corporate responsibility play out in reality. Or whether firms are managing the best possible value from their people.

We also work with companies. Firms can use the survey to gauge their own employee’s attitudes on these areas. OMINDEX® Workforce can provide boards and executive teams with important information. It’s a unique assessment of the health of corporate culture and people related risk. Company reports also provide help with the design of human capital strategy. An example of our generic company report can be downloaded below.

If you have any questions, or would like more information about deploying this survey in-house, please contact

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