“Based on our Organizational Maturity Ratings (OMR) for a sample of 60 of the largest (market cap) companies quoted on the London stock exchange today, the average score for their capability in human capital management is 51.5%. This represents a colossal shortfall in value that is being lost by shareholders, customers, employees and society at large.  A much more professional attitude towards human capital management (HCM) has demonstrated the creation of significant increases in company value (Goldman Sachs AA-, Toyota A+, Admiral A+).  The top 150 quoted companies currently have a combined market value of over £2 trillion: every 1% improvement is worth £20 billion. Human capital can no longer be treated as an intangible: bringing all companies up to AAA standard has to be society’s goal. ” 

Paul Kearns, Senior Partner, OMS LLP – 30th March 2015.

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