The 10 Pillars of Organizational Maturity

The 10 Pillars

The 10 Pillars are the foundation for the Maturity Institute’s  framework. Formed from ten, integrated, values and principles that explain the value/risk connections between all the people in the organization and those linked to it. When measured holistically, they present a complete picture of organizational maturity where human governance and human capital management are fully integrated with, and motivaed by, a whole system underpinned by the common pursuit of Total Stakeholder Value.

  1. Value motive – profit or societal?Does your organization aim to maximize profit or value? Does it understand how they can be mutually inclusive?
  2. Human capital – the organization’s view of its human resource – Do you view people as a cost or as valuable human capital producing significant returns?
  3. Whole system – level of integration between strategic plans and organization designIs your organization designed to operate as a whole system for maximising societal value?
  4. Learning organisation – incorporating knowledge management Does your organization understand and possess the key components of a true learning organization where everyone continuously learns how to add more value while reducing risk?
  5. People Risk managementDo you regularly carry out a complete People Risk Assessment?
  6. Integration – business/people strategy Is your present ‘HR strategy’ informing rather than supporting your business strategy?
  7. Improvement philosophy – quality systemDo you have a philosophy of never-ending improvement and, if so, do you have a complete, people improvement system to make it happen?
  8. Trust, Engagement & CooperationWould you describe your organization as one characterized by trust, engagement and complete cooperation? If not, do you understand how that impacts on value and risk?
  9. Performance systemDoes your performance management system recognize the difference between performance, profit and value?
  10. Communication – open & transparent – Is communication in your organization open and totally transparent? Is transparency regarded as a positive or negative management trait?

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Our 10 Pillars form the basis from which to allow comparative assessment and rating of an organisation’s ability to create value and manage risk from human capital. For example, how does your company measure up against others rated in the OMINDEX? See here for details of an opportunity to self-rate your own company under expert guidance.