Why Good Companies Create Better Outcomes – our ‘Value Scotland’ launch

We are delighted to announce a world first for the Maturity Institute’s whole system, Total Stakeholder Value Model of capitalism, as we launch our project to apply mature thinking and practice across a whole, national economy. The Value Scotland project is designed to engage all stakeholders in exploring how it can be applied, in practice, to create a more enlightened, vibrant and inclusive form of capitalism in a Scottish context. The launch event, hosted by the University of Edinburgh Business School on 13th February 2019, entitled “Why Good Companies Create Better Outcomes”, will bring together business and finance leaders, academics and public policy representatives to discuss how Scotland can move to an economy focused on stakeholder value, thereby creating maximum benefit for all. See the programmes for the day here.

Afternoon workshop (1330 to 1630) – MI’s new Whole System Management MBA Course

Evening seminar (1800 to 2000) – ‘Why good companies generate better outcomes:a model of responsible capitalism’ 

If you are interested in more information about the event or our broader ‘Value Scotland Project’ please click here. Value Scotland is kindly supported by The University of Edinburgh and the Amersi Foundation. If your organisation would like to become part of our partnership programme please contact paul.kearns@maturityinstitute.com

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