you hear it? Perhaps not.  But then MI was not designed to make a big splash when it was officially, but quietly, launched on Friday 1st February 2013.  There was no fanfare or ceremony either, which is totally in keeping with MI’s purpose, ethos and values.

We have all become used, even inured, to the razzamatazz of marketing campaigns, the superficial gloss of new HR products, the advertising slogans and hype of the ‘next big thing’.  That is not MI’s style. MI is not about big bang initiatives or the latest gimmick, not because we dislike publicity per se, but because we are only impressed by evidence.

MI is comprised of highly intelligent, thoughtful and experienced HR people whose views are always considered and only swayed by a well-reasoned argument, focused on value.  MI is built to last.  It has embarked on a long-haul voyage of discovery but, because we believe in substance over image, one of self-discovery for its members, constant learning and evolution for ourselves and perhaps enlightenment for the best-run organizations. There is much more room for value and wealth creation by unleashing people from the rigid constraints of conventional HR practice.  Maturity is a one-way ticket though; there is no going back once you realize just how immature management can be.

Of course, we do not expect to sign-up those HR people who remain wedded to non-evidence based practice.  You either ‘get it’ or you don’t and there is little point in trying to convince those who don’t.  That is fine with us; this journey will be all the better for ensuring that our fellow ‘passengers’ share the same values.  Actually, that is stretching the analogy too far, there are no passengers in MI, only active members steering towards higher professional standards.   MI’s membership will be self-selecting.  It will appeal to those already dissatisfied with the present state of HR and frustrated at senior executives who seem to accept no responsibility for the people management dimension that comes with high office.

We realize this is not all going to be plain sailing, indeed the genesis of MI goes back 20 years, so we already have plenty of experience to draw on.  Furthermore, there is no finite end to MI’s ambition; wherever there is more value to be gained there is work to be done. So it may not be a smooth passage but we plan to have plenty of fun, after all, it is always more interesting and exciting to travel hopefully than to arrive.


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