MI Member, Stanislav (Standa) Tichý, runs the Develor (Czech) learning and development consultancy in Prague. He contacted the Maturity Institute in 2014 to learn more about maturity and how it might inform his work and benefit his clients.  Since then Standa has been one of MI’s most active professionals making significant progress over a sustained period; including managing the Prague Programme, the first country-based, MI development programme.  Maturity development takes time and, with MI support and guidance, Standa has developed a significant level of proficiency in maturity analysis, and OM30 rating. Having now worked with many Czech based firms, he has produced a sample Organizational Maturity Rating Report, an illustration of what we now recognise as a MI approved Organizational Health Check, based on the direct experience he has gained working directly with one of his clients.

As MI continues to grow and develop its membership, we plan to produce many more case studies of professional development and further evidence of the value differential organizations can gain while maturing into healthy and vibrant sources of value and wealth.

If you would like more details on how to ‘Get your organizational health check’ please contact Stuart Woollard



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