The Maturity Institute (MI) is excited to announce a joint research partnership with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS).

Our ultimate purpose is to maximise the Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) of all organisations. We measure TSV using our OMR (Organizational Maturity Rating) diagnostic, with company ratings forming MI’s global OMINDEX. After a successful first phase, the CJBS study will now widen its examination of OMINDEX and TSV against a range of financial, human, and environmental performance and risk measures.

Phase 1 analysis of OMINDEX and TSV data on the banking sector stated: –

[The preliminary analysis shows that] A company can maximise profits and create wealth for shareholders mainly by establishing a mature institution that enhances wellbeing for all legitimate stakeholders as well as create positive externalities to the environment and the wider society.”  CJBS, January 2019

The implications of this analysis are clear if these findings hold at scale i.e. that organisational maturity matters to the health of organisations and to society as a whole. Additionally, those firms pursuing a strategy with TSV at its heart are exactly the kind of organisations we should be encouraging and developing – to maximise value and mitigate risk for firms, their stakeholders, and wider society. 

MI and CJBS’ Phase 2 study will develop the research across more industry sectors such as consumer, retail, and automotive. At the specific request of CJBS, this data set will also include the addition of firms that are ‘family owned’. This will allow specific analysis of how ownership affects firm performance and value outcomes.

CJBS aims to help develop understanding and adoption of MI’s OMINDEX and TSV standards across multiple stakeholders, including those working within investment, corporate and regulatory environments. CJBS will also specifically help to evolve MI’s suite of diagnostics to ensure that we can continue to improve the discipline and practice of organisational health, linking responsible business practice to the pursuit of optimising societal and corporate value.

If you would like more information on OMINDEX and Total Stakeholder Value, a full exposition is available in The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism

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