“…concepts such as ‘balanced scorecards’, ‘triple bottom lines’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ all recognise some of the symptoms of the malaise – but they are not a cure. They reflect the serious disquiet, expressed in many quarters, that the very essence of business today conflicts with the planet’s environment and the legitimate expectations of its inhabitants. These fundamental challenges to our global, socioeconomic system require a systemic solution: one that fully reconciles the needs of all stakeholders, within a virtuous cycle of progress for mankind.”

The current issue of ‘Ambition’ (the magazine of the Association of MBAs – AMBA) includes our article on ‘Whole System Management’ and Total Stakeholder Value, which details why, and how, leadership education needs to teach a new kind of measurable, societal value underpinned by whole (human) system management – the key to unlocking the intangibles of governance, culture and human capital, and how they also fit into an environmental context. (Download here or see the whole issue by clicking on the graphic).

‘Whole System Management’ is our brand new leadership module, developed as part of our collaboration with the MBA programme team at the  University of Edinburgh Business School



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