Our panel at the Value Scotland evening launch event

“Inspiring”, “A revolution”, ”Can I take this to China?” exclaimed some participants from our workshop for the University of Edinburgh’s MBA programme, also attended by a number of senior executives and academics.

We had just demonstrated that the social legitimacy of every organisation has to be based on the philosophy of maximising the totality of its value contribution to society. The benefits this produces also has to be shared among all stakeholders. The vast majority of organizations have yet to develop the capability to work as a whole, human value system and it is therefore a serious and signifciant gap in company valuation, corporate strategy, academic teaching and regulatory practice. (see ‘The Mature Corporation – A Model of Responsible Capitalism’)

Value Scotland is our first programme to help educate, support and catalyse a range of key stakeholders across a whole economy, to develop a coherent socio-economic system putting people at its heart. Where financial performance and positive, social impact are not mutually exclusive but form a symbiotic cycle of value for the benefit of all.

The particular relevance of Value Scotland for leaders and managers was made very clear in our presentations. You can view our workshop slides here 

Our Value Nations project is strategically focused, right at the centre of driving the growth of purpose-led organisations, enhancing mature management practice and re-shaping conventional business school education. Having tested it in Scotland, the new discipline of Whole System Management is now being made available to other business schools and professional bodies (e.g. accounting, auditing, banking) around the world. For further information please contact Paul Kearns



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