The Maturity Institute is delighted to announce a collaborative project integrating its OMINDEX ratings and Total Stakeholder Value standard with a unique long-term measure of economic profit (EP Bow Wave analysis).

This exciting development comes out of an MI-inspired collaboration between KBA Consulting (Australia) and OMS LLP to combine the methodologies of OMINDEX, Total Stakeholder Value and the EP Bow Wave Construct (Long Term Economic Profit). The result is a new ‘gold standard’ for valuing listed companies.

Pilot research we conducted on nine London-listed FMCG companies in conjunction with Australia’s KBA Consulting in early 2018, has enabled us to identify a link between change in Organisational Maturity (our evidence-based assessment of overall organisational health, including the state of governance and culture), change in the shape of a company’s EP Bow Wave, uplift in intrinsic value and the ongoing creation of shareholder wealth and societal value.  The establishment of this link requires that the needs of all legitimate stakeholders are met. Importantly, the Organisational Maturity or OMINDEX Rating also indicates the extent to which that is the case.

After completing the nine company, pilot research exercise, including a Unilever case study examining its OMINDEX assessment and EP Bow Waves (pre and post the contentious 2017 Kraft Heinz takeover approach), we have now commenced a research study covering the FTSE100 and ASX100 for full OMINDEX, TSV and EP Bow Wave integration.

We are currently in dialogue with funding bodies for this significant and ground-breaking work. If you represent an investment company, pension fund, board/exco or a third party foundation and would like more information about this project, please contact in the first instance.

Further project details available here:-

  1. Our summary project plan
  2. Aligning the interests of Business and Society” – Research proposal – full technical details



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