Our guide to responsible management ‘The Mature Corporation – a Model of Responsible Capitalism’ is now available in paperback.

The Mature Corporation is the guide we use to teach our global OMINDEX® organisational health diagnostic standard. It is a book with an alternative economic “Theory of the firm” – where profit maximisation is replaced by a measurable paradigm rooted in serving society, to help shift firms towards regenerative business activity.

The book sets out how companies can embed a business model underpinned by a mutually inclusive ‘Total Stakeholder Value’ purpose. This is something which is now seen as necessary for societal legitimacy but it is also very attainable. Our own work shows clearly that it should now be measured.

Importantly, the book also provides business leaders with a practical roadmap for building human powered organisations; where all stakeholders are viewed and managed as a fundamental source of sustainable value. In this respect, The Mature Corporation fits perfectly with increasing societal and regulatory demands to integrate ESG into business strategy and for corporations to realign themselves such that they are able serve and benefit all their stakeholders.

Copies are available from major booksellers and via Cambridge Scholars Publishing



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