MI is delighted to join the “10 Years after the Crash” network, coordinated by Promoting Economic Pluralism, which will be holding a wide range of events in September around the UK to reflect on the lessons from the Global Financial Crisis.

On 14th September, it will be 10 years since the run on Northern Rock, the first run on a UK bank for about 150 years.  This was the first high profile event that indicated the beginning of the process that lead to the near collapse of the international financial system, followed by the greatest depression since the 1930s. We are still seeing the after shocks, and as our own 2017 Banking Governance and Culture Report now shows, our banks continue to carry significant risk from weak governance and unhealthy corporate culture.

We agree with “10 Years after” that many critical lessons from that Crash have not been learnt and that we need to build a movement for reform to a fairer, more sustainable and resilient economic system. These anniversaries provide the opportunity to get media attention, bring our issues to wider public attention, and build a larger movement of stakeholders, who understand the need for change.

We look forward to participating; joining the debate, and sharing our own lessons.  More information and event booking can be found at https://10yearsafterthecrash.com.



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