MI is very pleased to announce its first major project – ‘Reward and value – individual, organizational, shareholder, societal. Developing a mature (MI) approach.’ – which is being led by MI Associate Matt Sinnott.


The mounting dissatisfaction with reward policies is palpable, both in terms of too little (e.g. public sector?) and too much (e.g. bankers, executive packages). Despite the frequent headline stories about excessive pay and unearned bonuses though there appears to be little convincing evidence of what the problem is or what the solution might be. One reason the evidence is lacking is that there is no conceptual framework to provide a coherent foundation from which reward policies can be developed. There is also no agreed evidence-base for collecting relevant and valid evidence on reward and no ‘scientific’ method being applied to produce an objective analysis. This IHRM Project aims to address these fundamental issues and reach a point where a solid foundation can be laid for reward policies in all sectors.

We will be reporting progress at regular intervals.  Anyone wishing to declare an interest in joining this project should contact MI in the first instance with the heading ‘Reward Project’

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