MI has been working with LexSolutions to develop a new approach to help law firms move the needle with regard to innovation, ESG and employee well-being – issues which are currently at the top of most law firm agendas. The aim is a bold one – to drive a more holistic approach and create a better culture in the industry. 

LexSolutions is a legal consultancy run by former General Counsel, Leadership Coaches and Innovation/Change experts. Its approach is to focus on the ‘DNA’ of law firms – people, leadership and clients – to better understand key problems and develop more effective strategies to resolve them. The Lex DNA Diagnostic is based on the Maturity Institute’s OMINDEX® which uses diagnostic questions grouped into core indicators of company health, including Purpose, Innovation, Learning and Human Value. As a whole system diagnostic (full health check) it captures and measures all value and risk elements arising from all human stakeholders (workforce, suppliers, leaders, clients, alumni etc). OMINDEX® puts Stakeholder Value at its heart by showing how to integrate ESG with current business models and strategy. 

The DNA Diagnostic also shows the reality of how internal stakeholder perspectives match the public image portrayed to clients and the market, so law firms can identify challenges and take intelligent action. It helps firms become businesses that make a holistically positive impact, for instance: (a) marrying performance with purpose, as well as (b) enhancing well-being for stakeholders, and (c) creating positive impact on the environment and society. 

For more information, click on this link or contact stuart.woollard@omservices.org: https://lexsolutions.com/thinking



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