How well is your company integrating its social responsibilities (ESG) with performance? Is it able to galvanise all its people to realise its full potential? Is it reconciling people, planet and profit?

OMINDEX® Workforce is an MI approved measure of Organisational Maturity as viewed by your own people. The survey now integrates new questions, categories and an “Engagement and Wellbeing” Organisational Health Indicator.

The latest sample company report can be viewed here: 

Companies can use the survey to gauge their own employee’s attitudes and receive immediately insightful analysis into how to develop human capital strategies that will improve intrinsic and market value. 

OMINDEX® Workforce can also provide boards and executive teams with important information to assess ESG, the health of corporate culture, and people related risk. The survey can be deployed quickly with an automated company diagnostic. Alternatively, OMINDEX® Workforce can be tailored so that its reporting meets your particular needs and requirements. For companies with in-house capability to interrogate data, company datasets can be licensed through OMS LLP on an annual basis.

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