“The challenge is that if you don’t know what to measure, you are in no position to quantify value and risks; and if you can’t really quantify value and risks, then how can you expect to change the behaviour of organisations – and by extension, investors and regulators?”

MI’s Stuart Woollard was interviewed for an in-depth feature in Bonds & Loans on how our work finally lifts the fog around how we can measure and link human intangibles to long-term value and risk.

“…it’s about harmonising the needs and demands of capitalism (i.e. growth of shareholder value) with the needs and demands of society (i.e. sustainable well-being), two competing objectives most market observers and practitioners know don’t always converge but which they nevertheless, increasingly agree, should.”

The full article is free to access here:

How to Price In Human Risk & Other Intangibles



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