einstein-wisdomMI is very pleased to announce that our Associate, Stanislav Tichý, is appointed as its Lead – Learning Impact, with immediate effect. MI has been working with Stanislav over the last two years, focusing on learning impact, its value and return on investment. This culminated in last week’s very successful ‘People Engine’ conference in Prague where Stanislav presented his research on ‘HR Value Added’. MI’s relationship with Stanislav and Develor is yet more evidence of our relentless search for the best talent from around the globe. This is a crucial role for MI as organizational learning is fundamental to value maximisation through people. Stanislav responded to his appointment saying:

“It is my great pleasure to accept the Lead role for Learning Impact with the Maturity Institute. Being passionate about the business impact of people development, I will keep on developing, implementing and sharing a professional practice that helps to design and deliver learning activities that generate tangible business and organisational value.”

The first MI initiave under Stansilav’s leadership will be the Prague Programme, due to commence in February 2017.



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