gov-human-investmentWe are very pleased to announce that MI Council member, Stuart Woollard, is appointed as MI’s ‘Lead – Governance & Human Investment’, with immediate effect. Stuart has been spearheading MI’s approach to Human Governance over the last 18 months through the MI’s Steering Group, making it the leader in the field. He has also been instrumental in demonstrating its importance in mature investment analysis and corporate valuation.

Stuart responded to his appointment saying:

“Our ground-breaking work in human governance addresses three critical governance outcomes – an inclusive capitalism, sustainable long term value and integrated reporting; specifically incorporating the critical element of human capital.  Since the OMINDEX was launched in January 2015, listing the human governance ratings of corporations, we have built unique insight for investors and companies, which is now recognised by major business and academic institutions. I am extremely excited to be able to further this work with MI and its partners around the world”

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