Another milestone has been achieved in MI’s mission to develop a new generation of mature managers with the final workshop on our Prague Programme. The programme was launched 12 months ago and jointly developed with MI’s Associate and Lead on Learning Impact, Stanislav Tichy. MI has not only gained talented, Affiliate members but has learned with them; as they develop the new skills required. Together, we have all reached a much deeper understanding of organizational maturity in different economic and cultural contexts.

Here are responses from two of the participants:

“There are special people who deeply inspire you and leave great impact on the way you think and therefore who you are. Thank you Paul Kearns  and Stuart Woollard from The Maturity Institute for supporting me on my way of becoming a better consultant of utilising full human potential within organisations. It has been a great journey and I still have a long way to go. It makes me proud to walk this journey along with you.” Martina  Georgievova, Senior Consultant, Develor Slovakia 

“Big thank you to Paul Kearns, Stuart Woollard, Stanislav Tichy and others who made Prague program of Maturity Institute great experience and learning for me. I believe that thanks to your teachings, companies could finally start to understand how to use human potential and thrive.” 

If you would like to participate in our next development programme, or work with us on delivering a similar programme for other groups within a specific company, industry sector or country then please contact MI now and we will be happy to build on what we learned in Prague.



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