The Maturity Institute is very pleased to announce our new Exec Ed. ‘MBA’ curriculum for taking managers to the next level of maturity and professionalism that is a necessary qualification for the fulfilment of an ever-expanding range of ESG (environmental, social, governance) responsibilities (see also “MI Executive Education: How to utilise our Global, ESG, OMINDEX® Standard for Total Stakeholder Value”).

All MI programmes apply the principles and methods of evidence-based management to practice, using the scientific method, and are designed to help you achieve a smooth ESG transition towards stakeholder capitalism. Here is the first suite of MI Approved, Executive Education Programmes for 2021 and our plans for further programmes designed for specific professional groups. 

MI Approved, Executive Education Programmes

#001 ‘The Mature Corporation – An introduction to the Maturity Institute and the OMINDEX® Management Standard for ESG’

Programme Leader – Stuart Woollard BSc (Econ.), PMI

Based on the book by Maturity Institute founders Paul Kearns and Stuart Woollard. It includes a wealth of experience and lessons learned, as the Maturity Institute has taken a global lead on setting the standard for corporate ESG transformation. Attendance on this programme will enable you to take up Affiliation with the Maturity Institute as a first step towards progress to higher membership levels.


‘The Mature Corporation – A Model of Responsible Capitalism’

#002 ‘Mature Human Capital Management – The strategic management of human capital in the era of ESG’

Programme Leader – Paul Kearns BA (Econ.), PMI 

The original measurement scale for the establishment of the Maturity Institute, as a professional standard setter, was the ‘HR Maturity Scale’. This is still the foundation for the OMINDEX® scale, which has been adopted by financial and equity analysts. This programme goes to the human capital roots of maturity and is aimed at all managers, not just existing professionals who work in HR-related functions. (Note. This programme has received prior AMBA approval. Listen to the AMBA Ambition podcast- AMBA Podcast “Changing the game: rethinking the purpose of capitalism”)


‘Professional HR – Evidence-Based People Management & Development’

‘HR Strategy – Creating Business strategy with Human Capital’

#003 ‘Mature Organizational Learning Systems for Total Stakeholder Value – Creating the fertile environment necessary for human development in the pursuit of Total Stakeholder Value’

Programme Leader – Stanislav Tichý MMgt. AMI

The essence of maturity is in an organization’s ability to continuously learn how to improve. This programme identifies all of the necessary building blocks for a whole system approach to learning. Such a system has a clear purpose of ensuring all learning is linked directly to value or risk and is being measured and managed as a financial return on human capital. (Note. A version of this programme already forms part of the HR Masters Programme – “HR & Organizational Development” – at the Prague University of Economics & Business)


‘Organizational Learning & Development – From an Evidence Base.’

For further information and bookings please email any of the programme leaders above.

Programmes currently in development with other MI partners:

#004 Mature Law – Corporate and Commercial law interpreted through a maturity lens. Reconciling MI standards with existing legislation. Employment law connected to maximising the value of human capital. Human rights as a foundation of ESG.

#005 Mature Accounting & Finance – ESG definition of value. Putting a value on human capital. Integrated reporting for ESG.

#006 Mature Audit – Whole System audits. Auditing human systems and consequent risk profile.

#007 Mature Risk Management – The risks of immaturity. Human risk management and organization design.

#008 Mature Equity Research & Analysis – Assimilating OMINDEX® into company valuation. Predictive corporate behaviours and future performance.

#009 Mature Procurement – Maturity is a whole system method so every part of the the procurement and purchasing system has become mature and every part of supply chain has to reach the same maturity level.

#010 Mature Boardroom – In the Mature Boardroom all members understand MI’s ‘Model of Responsible Capitalism’ are guided by ‘The Ten Pillars’ and adopt Total Stakeholder Value as their ultimate measure of performance.

#011 Mature Sales & Marketing – Mature Sales & Marketing creates a strategy where authenticity is everything. This is why and how you will succeed in the face of the empty claims of immature competitors. A mature Sales & Marketing strategy engages and involves every single person in the organization, and its supply chain, ‘selling’ the company to all of their networks of contacts and connections.



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