The Maturity Institute (MI) is excited to announce a joint research partnership with the University of Cambridge Judge Business School (CJBS). Our ultimate purpose is to maximise the Total Stakeholder Value (TSV) of all organisations. We measure TSV using our OMR (Organizational Maturity Rating) diagnostic, with company ratings forming MI’s global OMINDEX. After a successful […]
MBA education providers have been under increasing pressure since the crash of 2008 to demonstrate how their curricula are responding to the changing expectations of capitalism. An FT piece today entitled ‘MBAs need to stay relevant with life-long learning‘ adds the question that has applied to medical practitioners for many years – are your methods […]
At what point does something become obsolete? The photograph on the left, of a trader using an abacus in Hong Kong, was taken as recently as 2013. So if the abacus is still in use today, how could it be deemed to be already obsolete? Obsolescence is not about usage, per se, it is about […]
Here at the Maturity Institute (MI) we have been liaising with Nestlé for some years now, since we wrote our seminal report on their first OMINDEX® rating in 2015. More recently, we have been corresponding with CEO Mark Schneider and his Investor Relations team about a New York Times article asking whether Nestlé can be […]
The Financial Times has been grappling with questions of corporate responsibility for some time now and the advent of ESG investing has forced it to produce its own version of what “Responsible Business Education” should look like. Here are a few choice quotes: “The term the professor used was ‘frame-breaking change’. And what I saw […]
The Maturity Institute is very pleased to announce our new Exec Ed. ‘MBA’ curriculum for taking managers to the next level of maturity and professionalism that is a necessary qualification for the fulfilment of an ever-expanding range of ESG (environmental, social, governance) responsibilities (see also “MI Executive Education: How to utilise our Global, ESG, OMINDEX® […]
“…. the great test all countries will soon face is whether current feelings of common purpose will shape society after the crisis.” “Virus lays bare the frailty of the social contract – Radical reforms are required to forge a society that will work for all” FT Editorial Board, 3 April 2020 Coronavirus exit strategies can pave […]
Part 6 in our continuing series on the implications of ‘BRT’– see parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Critical observers have been monitoring the seismic tremors underneath business education for many years. Now, the high salaries for MBA alumni are even more questionable, since the Business Roundtable shifted the American capitalist paradigm, away from shareholders and quarterly profit figures, […]
“It’s almost astonishing… (BRT are) in effect coming right out and saying, ‘We’ve been wrong for the last 20 years…some folks in the BRT are recognizing there’s something unsustainable about an economy that’s all about shareholder primacy.  … it’s probably good politics on their part in addition to good economics.” Robert Hockett, Professor at Cornell Law […]
This is Part 1 in our BRT Series – see parts  2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Monday 19th August 2019 – mark it in your diary. It will forever be remembered as the day the world finally grew up, for the betterment of all humankind. It will be seen, in hindsight, as the day all of us were […]
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