Having acknowledged, along with everyone else, that performance management as we know it is dead, MI would like to announce the arrival of its latest management standard on performance management – but we have to immediately qualify that statement.

Only consciously maturing organizations will be able to adopt this standard because it is not about performance management per se, nor performance reviews, appraisals or any of the existing array of conventional practices. As with all of MI’s ground-breaking work, we are less concerned with the processes than the system in which they have to operate. So the official title of our new MI Standard is “Performance Management as an integral part of a Value Management System“.

In immature organizations the absence of whole value management systems  (and whole system thinking) has always undermined efforts to maximise the performance and value from human capital. Whether your organization is mature enough to use our new standard can only be determined by ascertaining its OMR (organizational maturity rating). Find out more by contacting Stuart Woollard.

Also, as a professional leadership and management development institute, founded on a Pillar of never-ending improvement, we welcome observations, comments and feedback on all of our standards. Please let us know what you think by contacting Paul Kearns




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