MI is very pleased to announce its latest project to create the tertiary education sector within OMINDEX by incorporating OMRs (organizational maturity ratings) for Universities from across the world.

Funding and enrolments at universities across the globe are expanding significantly – but so is student debt ($1.45 trillion in US alone). Of course, the sector has plenty of evidence of the value of scientific and technical discoveries, and university (and business school) league tables and rankings are ubiquitous, but has anyone ever put the simple question to university heads – ‘who are your stakeholders and what is your Total Stakeholder Value (TSV)?’ That is the purpose of this project, which begins today.

We are very pleased that our newest Associate at MI, Jeanette Garwood, will be leading this project. If the heads of any Universities would like to explore their initial OMR, and how they can translate that into higher TSV, they can contact MI now for further details or read her outline for the approach to the project.



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