After a number of years of development and emerging practice, our Global OMINDEX® ESG Standard is now being used in multiple practice contexts; from investment and corporate to advisory settings, such as corporate governance and law. 

We are therefore very excited to have established our OMINDEX® Users Group (OUG); where like-minded professionals who are deploying OMINDEX® in their own area of practice are coming together to share experiences, knowledge and opportunities to grow and improve.

The OUG is a network of professional practitioners who are using the OMINDEX® diagnostic within their own practice setting. It is a multi-disciplinary group and members are either fully trained OMINDEX® practitioners or are working in partnership with the MI/OMS LLP team.

Members have to be fully trained OMINDEX® practitioners or on a development pathway, working in partnership with the MI/OMS LLP team. There are several ways to become a member of the OUG, as follows: 

  1. Qualifying as a trained OMINDEX® analyst through one of our foundation programmes (see for example, our training for company leaders and managers)
  2. Direct application, after studying the Maturity Institute’s core text ‘The Mature Corporation – A Model of Responsible Capitalism’, and having demonstrated understanding of both the requirements of OMINDEX® and the working standards of the Maturity Institute.
  3. By recommendation or invitation from OUG members, having already satisfied the criterion in (2) above. 

The aim of the OUG is to help develop and evolve the use of OMINDEX® in professional practice settings. It sets out to help build a mature ecosystem of trained, professional ‘clinicians’ who are growing a new market for responsible business, investment and regulation underpinned by a purpose rooted in improving Total Stakeholder Value. The group also provides a networking opportunity for OUG members to share experiences and develop new opportunities. 

The OMINDEX® users group will continue to evolve and develop as a wide range of specialists become part of this international network. If you work in investment or advisory; or if you are company leader or manager, you can learn and use OMINDEX® in your own area of practice. Please follow this link or contact for more information.



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