Who wouldn’t want to work for a successful and purposeful company? An organisation that recognises all its social and environmental responsibilities and manages to achieve these alongside financial performance, without having to trade off one against the other. We call those that manage to simultaneously do this, “Mature” organisations.

Maturity is a unique methodology (tested by leading universities) that measures the extent to which firms are purpose driven and are able to fully realise the value of their people. Our evidence shows that Mature companies outperform for all stakeholders – shareholders, customers, workers, suppliers and local communities. In doing so, they generate the very best financial, human and environmental impact.  

Organizational Maturity has been assessed and analysed by companies and investors since 2015, using our primary OMINDEX® diagnostic standard. Since 2017 we have also been able to measure how much corporate ‘Total Stakeholder Value’ is being created by firms.

Our new OMINDEX® Workforce survey standard, comprising 18 questions, captures workforce perspectives on their own organisation’s Maturity, using a core set of factors and questions from our full OMINDEX® diagnostic. The short survey diagnostic gathers crucial data and insights. It is free to complete for participants (who receive an immediate summary report) and takes only 10-15 minutes. The anonymous data is being used to help firms themselves. It’s also being used to assess critical issues of interest to key stakeholders such as investors, researchers and policy makers; for example, how trust, authenticity and corporate responsibility are experienced in reality, and the extent to whether organisations are managing their human capital to maximise potential value and minimise risk. 

The free survey can be viewed and completed via this link:


Companies that are using OMINDEX® Workforce to gauge their own employee’s attitudes receive immediate, insightful analysis into how to develop human capital strategies that will improve stakeholder value. OMINDEX® Workforce can also provide boards and executive teams with important information to assess the health of corporate culture and people related risk. The survey can be deployed, as is, with an automated company diagnostic, as illustrated below. OMINDEX® Workforce and its reporting can also be tailored to particular needs and requirements. See illustrative feedback report below.

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