“We have explored the anatomy, physiology and psychology of The Mature Corporation in some detail. All of the practical elements, when brought together in sync and harmony, will determine whether a particular corporation will create the level of societal value and wealth that only a sound mind in a sound corporate body can. The Latin root of the word corporation is corporare which means “to combine in one body”. A corporation is essentially a living, breathing, human organism that can become sick, infected and even mutate. The state of the corporation’s health therefore is perfectly analogous to individual health. It needs nourishment and sustenance, it needs fresh air blowing through its corridors, it needs to get out into the sun and take regular exercise. It also needs purpose and stimulation. If it gets stale and fusty or, worse still, a breeding ground for the diseases of mistrust and internal conflict, it can wither or mutate into something entirely malevolent.” from The Mature Corporation’ (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2019); Chapter 13  Developing Organizational Health Professionals for Responsible Capitalism  – Mens sana in corpore sano

February 2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Maturity Institute. In that time, we have come of age through gaining global recognition of our concept of organizational maturity and our OMINDEX® Standard for measuring and diagnosing the health of corporate management. So we are very pleased to announce our plan to deliver on the promise we made back in 2019, in ‘The Mature Corporation’, to progress Maturity and begin Developing Organizational Health Professionals for Responsible Capitalism. 

This mountainous task requires an entirely new, multi-disciplinary School to explore, research, teach and develop professional management practice in the entirely new field of Management Medicine; measured against our ultimate Purpose of maximising the world’s Total Stakeholder Value; a measure that integrates financial performance with measures of Environmental, Social and Governance issues, for the benefit of everyone.

Please take a look at our formative website www.schoolofmanagementmedicine.org where we invite those wishing to express interest in supporting or actively joining this endeavour. You will be able to see our initial Prospectus, and thoughts about how we envision its development from here, in the next few months. The final form our new School takes, how it expresses its vision, and the extent of its ambition will be determined by its Governing Council. We look forward to hearing from you and will be announcing further progress and developments as move closer to our first intake of management medicine interns in Spring 2023.



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