Mi’s Stuart Woollard recently presented at the Learning & Development Institute (L&DI) 2022 conference in Dublin.  Stuart’s discussion […]
The Maturity Institute recently responded to a petition submitted by the Human Capital Management Coalition, a […]
On 31st March 2015 the Global Index of Human Capital Management (OMINDEX) was launched with an […]
London – 3 February 2015: The Maturity Institute in partnership with OMS LLP and supported by […]
“That’s the state of play in human resources today – mindless imitation of what others are […]
“Art is about learning to see and to observe. And the sciences are about seeing and […]
MI’s Stuart Woollard presented an introduction to Maturity and Organization Maturity Ratings (OMR) to pension funds […]
IHRM council members Paul Kearns, Stuart Woollard and Rob Scott provide their perspective in this in-depth […]
Update for ‘Football Manager’ fans. It probably tells me something about the state of the talent […]
In the capitalist system large corporations can sometimes develop dual ‘personalities’.  Bill Gates’ Microsoft is both […]
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