Mi’s Stuart Woollard recently presented at the Learning & Development Institute (L&DI) 2022 conference in Dublin. 

Stuart’s discussion focussed on the ‘talent agenda’, investment perspectives, and how to build better links between investment and corporate communities.

What were the key takeaways?  

1. There is a very real appetite by many HR and L&D people to [better] demonstrate how their work contributes to company value.

2. Many are likely to have already made material contributions. It just hasn’t been evidenced and reported.

3. For corporates, there remains a big gap between what’s being done to drive learning, innovation and improvement, and quantifying the value (or risk management) impact.

4. This leaves investors and other stakeholders in the dark. It also means that significant time and resources may be being wasted.

5. For asset owners and managers; human capital, the “S” in ESG, corporate culture and learning/innovation continue to be widely discussed as material investment factors. Yet, coherent integration of these critical factors remains rare.

6. Investment professionals also need to improve engagement with companies on these issues. They are often material and are largely missing from company communications, analyst reports and equity valuation models.

7. Tackling these challenges requires learning new skills but can, and has, been done. In our experience at The Maturity Institute, with spectacular success.

Many thanks to all the team at L&DI.

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