The Maturity Institute (MI) has been building the infrastructure needed to support a form of capitalism predicated on Total Stakeholder Value (TSV). At the very core of our strategy is OMINDEX® – a rating scale that applies a set of 32, diagnostic, organizational elements (the OM30) to measure companies against a global standard. All 32 questions causally link to each other to form a whole system that reflects the complexities of running companies in a global system. This requires a set of heightened, professional standards across all management disciplines. A company’s OMINDEX® rating also offers simple methods for continuously improving TSV by raising levels of leadership and management maturity.

OMINDEX® and TSV™ have gained increasing recognition from the investment and finance communities for their ability to produce, academically rigorous, evidence of the monetary value of key intangibles such as human capital, culture, and governance. OMINDEX® shows how responsible companies can generate the best outcomes for all stakeholders, integrating environmental, human and financial performance, without trade off. Now, after five years in development, the Maturity Institute has formed a unique alliance with OMS LLP and Redburn equity research to create a virtuous circle that brings asset managers, equity analysts, investor relations teams and corporate executives together with a common purpose of serving all stakeholders while producing the best possible value for all. 

OMINDEX® ratings are now being scaled up under our alliance, which also involves direct engagement with companies about the questions that are asked within our ratings diagnostic. As company engagement with OMINDEX® grows, there will be significant implications for every professional discipline involved in leadership, management, accounting, HR and corporate advisory. In the wake of the current COVID-19 crisis, we believe our work will help all societal stakeholders better understand the necessary transition that will fuse economic and human value; to help foster and create a new stakeholder capitalism underpinned by a common purpose and generating tangible benefit for everyone.

If you would like further information about our work with Redburn Purpose and OMS LLP please contact paul.kearns@maturityinstitute.com


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